Guest post: Words of the Year – new language for a new world

We’re very pleased to be able to share a fascinating blog post by Julie Moore, writer, teacher trainer and lexicographer, taking an in-depth look at the way language used to talk about the climate is changing and the possible repercussions for us as teachers and materials writers.

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The eco-kindness calendar

Are you looking for a project to use with your YLs in the run-up to the December holidays (or at any time in fact)? The eco-kindness calendar was co-written on our Facebook page. It’s both a ready-to-go lesson plan and a kick-off point for your own ideas.

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Happy 6-month birthday ELT Footprint!


Photo from Margarita Kosior

Poster by Margarita’s daughter Evita and friends, Annie and Virginia

Today ELT Footprint is six months old. Or maybe I should say ‘young’. It’s amazing how much has happened in such a short time. The six-month milestone is a good excuse to write a short reflective blog post summarising a few thoughts.

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