Greening ELT : JALT

In the second post in our Greening ELT series, we would like to thank Brent Simmonds, Jennie Roloff Rothman and Mark Brierley from the Japan Association for Language Teaching for sharing a report outlining the history of the JALT Environmental Committee.

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Presenting the Conference Survival Kit

In a conversation about a week ago, we were talking about conferences and footprints and environmental impact. It’s a topic that crops up again and again in the ELT Footprint group and in conversations that are going on around the edges of the group. In this particular conversation, the idea of a “conference survival kit” was suggested.  This would be a kind of zero waste kit, enabling conference-goers to reject one-use plastic and paper and reduce their footprint as much as possible in terms of generating waste (which in turn of course means generating less carbon both in the production of the one-use items we’re rejecting and in the subsequent waste-management processes).

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Behind the scenes: greening a conference

I’m new in the world of event organization and I was really pleased to be invited to join a local conference organizing committee recently.  One of the aims of the committee is to review and extend the sustainability of the event from an environmental point of view. 

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