World Oceans Day June 8

Wave, Big, Foam, Ocean, Power, Blue, Breaking, Tube
shared buy Pixabay

We will be adding lesson plans and materials to this page to celebrate World Oceans Day in class.

1 An article with interactive exercises and discussion forum from the British Council Learning English magazine: World Oceans Day

2 A lesson from Owain Llewelyn at ELT Sustainable for teens and young learners at B1 and above .

3 A website with a collection of readymade materials to celebrate World Oceans Day with younger students.

4 Lesson packs from the OUP Teaching Resources blog for adults, teenagers and younger learners.

5 A trailer to a hard-hitting documentary by the Oceanic Preservation Society. And a folder of worksheets on google drive shared by Clyde Fowle.

6 There is a chapter in this free downloadable book by the British Council which has been written by Jill and Charlie Hadfield on the topic of Oceans – creative activities like poems etc rather than discussions .