ELT Footprint – steps towards a greener profession

Reproduced with the kind permission of Modern English Teacher, Pavilion Publishing 2019.

Christopher Graham and Katherine Bilsborough describe a new ELT community.

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Guest post: Choosing a carbon offset programme – a guide for educators

Kate Cory-Wright, one of the founding members of the ELT Footprint Facebook group and an EFL author, teacher, and teacher trainer, has been reforesting a 7-hectare plot of land in the Andes for the past nine years. (See her blog posts about the experience here and here). Based on her experiences of reforesting, she reviews what to consider when considering carbon offset programmes.  

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UK ELT and the Environment: a report

Hastings by Christopher Graham

Chris Etchells recently shared this very comprehensive report with us on the ELT Footprint Facebook group. I’d like to share some extracts from the foreword and the background as an introduction. And I’d also like to thank Chris and the team for sharing their work with us on behalf of everyone at ELT Footprint.

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